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Stan Lee was a writer, editor, publisher and producer for Marvel Comics. He co-created many famous characters (mainly with Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko), such as Spider-Man, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, and many more. He was also known for making cameos in Marvel movies (and non-Marvel movies), comic books, TV shows and video games.


Early Life[]

Stanley Martin Lieber was born on December 28, 1922 in Manhattan, New York City, to Celia and Jack Lieber. He also had a younger brother named Larry Lieber. In his teens, he went to DeWitt Clinton High School, where he loved writing and aspired to become a great writer.

Golden Age (40's - 50's)[]

After graduating at the age of 16, Lieber was hired by Timely Comics and was promoted to editor in 1942. He used a pseudonym - Stan Lee - for writing comics so that he could use his real name when he started writing actual novels. During the 40's and 50's, Timely Comics, which had been renamed to Atlas Comics, was in a financial struggle. Lee created many characters in this time, including the Destroyer, Loki and Father Time.

Silver Age (60's - 70's)[]

Atlas Comics was known as Marvel Comics at this time, and Lee started creating a large amount of popular characters and teams. This includes the Fantastic Four (1961), Spider-Man (1962), the |Hulk (1962) and the X-Men (1963). One of Lee's trademark features in superheroes was the combination of dealing with powers and crime-fighting and dealing with personal struggles. In 1972, Lee became publisher and editorial director of Marvel Comics.


In 1989, Lee made his first cameo appearance in Marvel-related media. In the The Trial of the Incredible Hulk, he played the minor role of a jury member in the imaginary trial of David Banner. He continued making cameos in other media, including non-Marvel media, as his fame rose in the Marvel community.


On November 12, 2018, Stan Lee died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, California, due to heart and respiratory failure.



Lee was known for making cameo appearances in media related to characters he created. He also appeared in all Marvel Cinematic Universe films, regardless of his creation of the main character or not. For example, he appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy although he did not create the team. To see more about his cameos, go here.