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Fantastic Four #10 is the tenth issue of Fantastic Four Vol 1 and was released in January of 1963. It featured the story The Return of Doctor Doom, written and edited by Stan Lee and penciled by Jack Kirby.


The Fantastic Four fight Doctor Doom after he returns from being thrown into space.

Stan Lee's Cameo[]

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby are at their office at Marvel Comics, pitching an idea for a new villain, False-Face. Doctor Doom interrupts them and tells them to call Mister Fantastic, threatening to show them his scarred face.


Jack Kirby - "How about someone like this for our villain, Stan? We can call him False-Face!"

Stan Lee - "Not bad, Jack, but I think he sounds a little too commonplace! Our fans have grown to expect real exciting super villains from us! Too bad that Doctor Doom was lost in space! He was possibly the greatest villain of all!"

Jack Kirby - "Yeah! We sure can't come up with a menace like him every day!"

Doctor Doom - "Did someone mention my name?"

Stan Lee - "No! It can't be! It isn't possible!"

Jack Kirby - "But it is! It's Doctor Doom-- he's alive!"

Stan Lee - "But how?! How did you save yourself from being hurled into endless space?!"

Doctor Doom - "It is a long story! We will not discuss it now! Now, I have more important matters to attend to! Now it is time for my revenge!"

Stan Lee - "Ugh! That face!"

Jack Kirby - "Don't take off your mask! Don't!"